‘Civilization VI’ Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm Are Half Off Right Now on iOS Letting You Greatly Expand and Already Excellent Game at a Discounted Price

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Civilization VI (Free) debuted on iOS through the initial surprise iPad release, that saw quite a few updates and paid DLC release over time. It finally arrived on iPhone in a universal update and recently released on Google Play for Android. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been replaying the game on iPhone and Nintendo Switch with the expansions to try out the smaller screen interface across devices and the cloud save sync. I’ll have a review on Civilization VI soon. Today, Aspyr have put both major expansions ‘Rise and Fall’ and ‘Gathering Storm’ on a big discount on iOS. Watch the Civilization VI Gathering Storm features trailer below:

Gathering Storm launched as an in app purchase in Civilization VI for $39.99. It is down to $19.99 right now. Rise and Fall launched at $29.99 and it is down to $14.99. If you’ve been waiting to complete your Civilization VI experience on iOS, now is the time to get both excellent expansions. The full game unlock is down to $9.99 as well. Since it is free to try, you may as well download it to see how it runs on your device before checking out the DLC. As of now there’s no word on the New Frontier Expansion Pass release date for Civilization VI on iOS and Android. Read our original review of the iPad version here. We also featured it as our Game of the Week when it released. Have you tried the game on iOS or have you been waiting to play it on mobile when it hits Google Play?

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