‘Sid Meier’s Civilization VI’ Just Released for iPad and You Can Try It out for Free Right Now

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Sid Meier’s Civilization VI (Free) just popped up on the App Store for iPads bringing the full game rebuilt for touch to the iOS platform. The last few weeks have been crazy on iOS with ports of big games and one massive scam game (I apologize for that once again). Today, Aspyr Media has brought the full Civlization VI game to iPads. Civilization VI for iPad will run on iOS 11.1.2 or later and only be playable on iPad Air 2, iPad 2017, or any of the iPad Pros. Those are some hefty requirements but given this is a modern Civilization game that has been ported fully and not a spinoff or mobile first game, the demands are reasonable. Watch the iPad launch trailer for it below:

The pricing for this port is quite surprising. Aspyr Media has released it for free and you can play up to 60 turns for free. It will require a one time unlock after that will cost $60. Yes that isn’t a typo. It will be interesting seeing the response to what has become the norm for AAA pricing in the PC and console industry on iOS. The good news about the pricing is, you can buy the unlock for 50% off up till January 4th. Civilization VI has touch controls and will not support controllers at this time. Aspyr Media is looking to bring the DLC and expansions in the future but have no timeline for any other content right now. They are also looking into Android and iPhone but for now it is iPad only. The one downside to the port is the multiplayer is LAN only and there is no cross platform multiplayer for the Steam version. You can check it out on the App Store right now for free. I hope they add online support in the future.

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