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‘Romancing SaGa Re;universe’ Has Soft Launched in Canada, Italy, and Singapore Ahead of Its Full Release This Month on iOS and Android

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After bringing two SaGa games to the west on PC, console, and mobile platforms, Square Enix revealed plans for an international release of Romancing SaGa Re;universe. The free to play mobile entry in the SaGa series has been getting closer to release in the West after it arrived in Japan in 2018. While a release date is still not announced, pre-orders went live on the App Store revealing a June 25th date. That has since been changed a bit. Today, Square Enix announced that Romancing SaGa Re;universe has soft launched in Canada, Italy, and Singapore. The game has crossed 500k pre-registrations and all players will get 4,000 Jewels, 40 Platinum Summon Tickets, Two characters from Romancing SaGa 3, and 40 small Stamina Potions. Watch the trailer for it below:

As of this writing, the App Store page for those three countries still says pre-order so the soft launch is likely Android only. Check it out here on the App Store for iOS and here on Google Play for Android. Check out our reviews for Romancing SaGa 3 and SaGa Scarlet Grace: Ambitions. As of now, the App Store page has a release date listed of June 23rd for the game. Have you played the Japanese version or are you waiting for the international release?

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