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‘Spiritus’ is an Upcoming Open World RPG for Mobile that Sounds Really Promising

There aren’t a whole lot of open-world RPGs on mobile that let you just go nuts doing whatever you want. Most of them are actually pretty linear, and while you may be free to roam the lands a bit and engage in some side quests, ultimately you’re just being guided through the main story that that particular game is trying to tell. I guess if you consider the Grand Theft Auto ports RPGs (which I absolutely DO) then those offer quite a bit of freedom to just kind of do what you want and live your own virtual life, but if you were looking for something like that in a more traditional fantasy setting there just aren’t that many options. Developer TinyNerd Games is hoping to fill that particular genre hole on mobile with their upcoming title called Spiritus. First check out the teaser trailer.

As you can see Spiritus has a more old-school top-down 2D style to it than something like a fully 3D open-world game, but the amount of stuff you’ll supposedly be able to do sounds extremely promising. They describe Spiritus as “a game where you have the freedom to explore anything, and master anything. Explore the infinite world. Discover massive structures. Search for rare animals. Fulfill quests, and donate money to rebuild the local school. Join in the deep lore of the historical world, fight gangs and terrorists. Defend cities from attacks and develop bonds with villagers. And way more." It sounds way cool. Unfortunately TinyNerd says the full release of Spiritus is “still far off" but they are planning on releasing a pre-alpha version in the next few month,s and according to them the pre-alpha version has “a ton of content already" so that sounds reassuring. We’ll keep an eye out for details about when that pre-alpha version will launch and what its availability might be and we’ll be sure to let you know when we know more.