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‘Kingdom Two Crowns: Dead Lands’ Brings a ‘Bloodstained’ Crossover to the Game at Launch Next Week on iOS and Android

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We’ve been looking forward to Kingdom Two Crowns ($6.99) from Raw Fury for a long time. It was originally revealed for consoles, mobile, and PC in 2017 and we also tried out the Nintendo Switch version of the side scrolling strategy experience. Kingdom Two Crowns has been shown off on mobile as well with a nifty two player splitscreen mode that will be available at launch. Over the weekend, Raw Fury announced a crossover with Bloodstained from ArtPlay and 505 Games for Kingdom Two Crowns

Kingdom Two Crowns from Raw Fury arrives as a premium release for $8.99 on iOS and Android on April 28th. You can pre-order it on the App Store now. I can’t wait to play Kingdom Two Crowns on iOS when it releases next week on iOS and Android and try out Miriam from Bloodstained through this crossover. The Kingdom Two Crowns: Dead Lands crossover goes live on other platforms at the same time as the mobile launch that includes this from the get go. Have you played Kingdom New Lands on iOS?

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