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Raw Fury Shows Off How ‘Kingdom: Two Crowns’ Multiplayer Will Work on iPhones and iPads

Back in the summer of 2016, developer/publisher Raw Fury released Kingdom: New Lands onto Steam, a revamped and expanded take on a popular 2013 Flash game called Kingdom. It’s a survival-style town-building adventure mashup of awesomeness where you need to use strategy, luck, and all sorts of hidden secrets in order to be successful. The following spring Raw Fury brought Kingdom: New Lands ($4.99) to mobile where it fit like a glove, and we chose it as our Game of the Week when it released, and even nearly three years later it’s still one of my favorite games to play on my iPhone. In September of 2017 during PAX West we were able to check out the Nintendo Switch version of a sequel called Kingdom: Two Crowns, which would feature the same basic premise of the original but expanded with a bunch of new content and the highly-requested feature of cooperative multiplayer. Kingdom: Two Crowns ended up launching on basically every platform but mobile in December of 2018, with plans to bring it to mobile… eventually.

One of the big hangups with bringing the game to mobile was that Kingdom: Two Crowns was heavily built around the idea of playing with another person: hence the “two crowns." This isn’t really a problem on desktop and console, but the developers weren’t quite sure how to bring that same experience to mobile devices. Well it certainly seems that they’ve figured it out based on two recent videos Raw Fury has posted. On tablets the game plays in same-device multiplayer with each player taking one side of the screen, as shown in the first video below. On the much smaller iPhone devices, Raw Fury is taking advantage of Apple expanding their controller support last fall to include Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers in addition to regular MFi controllers, so you’ll be able to team up on the same screen with a couple of controllers paired, as shown in the bottom video.

Can I just geek out for a minute over that amazing Kingdom fuse bead art in that second video? Anyway, with the multiplayer aspect figured out for mobile you’d think that Kingdom: Two Crowns releasing on mobile would be right around the corner. And… maybe it is? Raw Fury isn’t really saying anything specific other than “when it’s ready" and since the desktop release a little over a year ago was a bit on the buggy side I think they’re making darn sure they take their time to ensure the mobile release doesn’t suffer the same fate. However long it ends up taking I’m extremely stoked to get my hands on a mobile version of Kingdom: Two Crowns, and with the multiplayer implementations shown above I might even go out into the world and try to make a friend to play it with me whenever it does end up launching.