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‘Kingdom Two Crowns’ Gets a New Trailer and Release Date for Console and PC

Back in 2015 Raw Fury helped take the simplistic but engaging 2013 Flash game Kingdom and turn it into one of the best strategy survival games of the year with Kingdom: New Lands ($4.99), launched first on desktop with subsequent ports to consoles and mobile over the next couple of years. We loved the iOS version of Kingdom: New Lands when it hit in March of last year, and loved it even more with its huge Skull Island update that launched in December. You might also remember that a sequel was in the works and that we got a nice hands-on demo of that game, called Kingdom Two Crowns, on the Nintendo Switch back at PAX West 2017. Check it out below if you missed it before.

That sequel is called Kingdom Two Crowns specifically because it introduces a cooperative mode to the mix, as well as new content and features as you’d expect from a new game in a series. While news on Kingdom Two Crowns has been pretty quiet for a while, this week Raw Fury debuted a brand new trailer for the game which details another big new feature they have in store for the sequel. The new feature is simply called “settings" and will feature new environments to play the game in, but don’t go thinking this is just some cosmetic only feature. Each setting will also include new enemy types, NPCs, and will require new strategies to be successful in. The plan is to release additional settings for the game after it launches, and the first setting to be unveiled is the Shogun setting which is inspired by Feudal Japan and can be seen in this brand new trailer.

The Shogun setting will be available at launch in Kingdom Two Crowns, and that will be on top of the existing revamped and reimagined Medieval setting we all know and love. They’ve also revamped the permadeath mechanic from the first game, and now upon death an heir will take over your place and can continue on your adventure, albeit with some repairs to the kingdom to be made. This new trailer isn’t the only news to come out this week about Kingdom Two Crows, as Raw Fury also announced the release date for the console and PC versions of the game. It’ll be arriving on desktop, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on December 11th. But what about mobile? Well as far as we know, Kingdom Two Crowns is still going to hit mobile at some point, but as some companies have learned the hard way, it’s usually best to keep those mobile plans close to the chest. When we do get word on a mobile release date we’ll let you know, otherwise look for Kingdom Two Crowns on pretty much every platform on December 11th.