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‘Yakuza Online’ iOS and Android Release Date Announced

SEGA is bringing their fan favourite Yakuza franchise to mobile devices with Yakuza Online (Ryu Ga Gotoku Online) and after slowly releasing new trailers and information about the game, we finally have a release date for Japan on iOS and Android. Pre-registration began a while ago for it. Shaun visited SEGA’s booth at TGS a few months ago and discussed what they featured. Yakuza Online features Kasuga Ichiban who is the new protagonist of the franchise. He takes over after Kazuma Kiryu.

Yaluza Online will see fan favourite characters like Akiyama and Majima show up in addition to more. Kiryu will also likely be showing up going by some of the teasers they have put up so far. If you have a Japanese iTunes account or are going to sideload this on Android, your wait is nearly over. Yakuza Online hits iOS and Android in Japan on November 21st.

A lot of people have been wondering if this will release in the West at all. Given how SEGA is not only localising everything from the Yakuza franchise but also going so far as to announce localisations for new PS4 titles when they are announced in Japan, it is very likely. Don’t get excited for a full blown Yakuza experience on mobile yet because this has all the elements of gacha games. I’ll do my best to get Majima and then probably stop playing unless this hooks me. I’ll post about an English release if one is announced for sure.