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‘Yakuza Online’ Gets a Gameplay Trailer at TGS 2018 and a Special Video With Some Teasers for Character Appearances

Pre-registration for SEGA’s Yakuza Online began a few weeks ago on iOS and Android and the game got reconfirmed for a 2018 release in Japan. TGS 2018 is currently going on in Japan so expect a lot of Japanese mobile gaming news because loads of developers and publishers showcase various titles across different platforms there. SEGA is currently showcasing the newest PS4 game from the Yakuza team, Judge Eyes and they released two videos for Yakuza Online. Watch the first trailer for it below:

Yakuza Online features the franchise’s new face as the protagonist. Kazuma Kiryu’s story was concluded in Yakuza 6: The Song of Life on PS4 but it looks like SEGA isn’t done with him just yet. They also posted a “Special Video" for Yakuza Online that had appearances from various characters in the franchise like Goro Majima and Akiyama. The video ended with one of the most obvious reveals ever. Watch the special video below to see the reveal at the end of the video for Kiryu.

If you missed the original news, pre-register for the Japanese release of Yakuza Online here. As of now there has been no announcement for a release outside Japan but given that SEGA brought Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation to the rest of the world, this is likely seeing a release in English speaking regions.