Rovio Is Working On 12 New Mobile Games With 2 New Releases Set For Next Year

Finnish developer Rovio just released its financial report for the quarter ending on September 30th and CEO Kati Levoranta mentioned what the company aims to do to accelerate growth. The highlight is that the company is working on 12 new projects right now. Rovio recently recruited Alexandre Pelletier-Normand (Gameloft) as its new executive VP as well. Kati said that the company plans on releasing two games next year. Most people know of Rovio only because of Angry Birds and it looks liek the company has been way too dependent on just that for growth.

The company aims to change this with new games and projects in the works. Rovio has taken Angry Birds across various forms of media and even had a movie that released a few years ago. I’m going to try out their new projects but have basically given up on anything Angry Birds. I think I tuned out of their output around the time Angry Birds Rio released which was a long time ago.