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Ghoulish Platform Shooter ‘Help! I’m Haunted’ is Finally Arriving on Halloween Next Week

If I had to make a list of my all-time favorite games, not just on mobile but on any platform, Studio Pixel’s Kero Blaster ($5.99) would most definitely be on it. It’s a masterpiece, and also an ingenious example of a virtual control scheme that works great for an action platforming shooter. So when developer Sky Pirate Studios unveiled their upcoming game Help! I’m Haunted way back in May of 2016, and were not shy in the slightest about their inspiration and love for Kero Blaster, I was instantly excited. I must have watched that original trailer dozens of times. In October of that year we got some new screens of Help! I’m Haunted along with word that a beta would be starting soon, but then in May of last year Sky Pirate announced that they weren’t happy with the visual quality of the game and so set out to basically redo all the visuals, which would delay its development.

Based on how great those revamped visuals looked I was willing to wait it out some more, though it was a tough pill to swallow. Then this past December we had our most recent update on Help! I’m Haunted when Sky Pirate put out a call for more beta testers. And now, at long last my friends, Help! I’m Haunted is all finished up and set to release on the most appropriate day that I can think of: Halloween. Yes, next Wednesday we’ll finally be able to play this awesome mix of Ghostbusters and Kero Blaster, and I couldn’t be more excited! That trailer above is brand new and is the most recent look at Help! I’m Haunted in action, so be sure to give it a watch (I’ll probably be watching it a few dozen times myself, naturally) and look for the game to go live in the App Store next week.