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‘Help I’m Haunted’ Looks Like a Fun ‘Kero Blaster’-Inspired Platformer

I will forever be a sucker for 2D pixel art platformers, and Sky Pirate Studios’ Help I’m Haunted looks utterly amazing to me. You’ll be taking your very-unlicensed set of ghost-busting equipment to Neo-Transylvania, where Dr. Victor Frankenstein has really gone off the rails, unleashing monsters on the populace. Man, the events of the Mary Shelley book must have taken a toll on him. Perhaps the real monster is man. Also, those monsters.

The team at Sky Pirate Studios claims inspiration from Castlevania and Kero Blaster ($5.99), which checks out after watching the trailer. This is looking like it’s going to be a ton of fun to play, with interesting weapons, and devious enemies to take on. And the pixel art is looking great, of course. The game is about to go into a Testflight beta, and if you want to take part, you’ll want to check out the thread in the upcoming games forum.