‘Squids Odyssey’ Now Available on iOS and Android

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It launched a little too late to be included in this week’s new games roundup, but I wanted to make sure that any fans of the classic slingshotting RPG series Squids knew that Squids Odyssey ($3.99) was now available on the App Store and the Google Play Store for Android. Way back in the fall of 2011 developer The Game Bakers released the original Squids on iOS, a gorgeous RPG with a novel slingshotting battle mechanic not totally unlike what was eventually popularized by games like Monster Strike. We loved Squids in our original review from 2011, and the following year The Game Bakers released a slick Western-themed sequel appropriately titled Squids Wild West. We loved that one too, and following the release of Squids Wild West the developers then turned their attention to Nintendo’s consoles of the time, the Wii U and the 3DS. They combined the original two Squids games, added a ton of new content, and rejiggered the whole thing to be one continuous experience called Squids Odyssey which released on Wii U and 3DS in 2014, and then just this past July they released the game on Nintendo’s latest console the Switch. Now the Squids are finally coming home with the launch of Squids Odyssey on iOS and Android this week.

I have yet to spend any meaningful time with Squids Odyssey on iOS, but as a huge fan of the original games and someone who didn’t get a chance to experience Odyssey on other platforms, I’m really excited to dive into this one over the weekend. It’s funny because even before this mobile version of Squids Odyssey was announced, I had been thinking about the original two games and was hankering to play through them again, but they were so outdated they didn’t work on my current hardware. Lo and behold now with Squids Odyssey available I not only have the content of those original games but entirely new content too, and all made to play nicely with newer iOS hardware. I’m stoked! Early impressions in our forums have been positive as well, and I’d say that if you were an old-school Squids fan then Odyssey is a pretty safe purchase, and if you missed out on the series years ago then this is the perfect opportunity to jump in.

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