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Thunderdogs – The New Multiplayer Dogfighting Game From Lucky Kat Gets A Release Date

Thunderdogs is the latest in a line of pixel art, animal-themed mobile titles from developer Lucky Kat – and this high-flying multiplayer shoot-em-up has just received a release date on iOS for August 13th. Thunderdogs will be free and offer in-app purchases, though what these will be specifically, we don’t know yet Thunderdogs will have you flying around the sky in multiplayer arenas, collecting bones for your stash. Steal other player’s bones by blowing them up to come out on top. The game is inspired by .io games, as well as Luftrausers and Starfox, and carries on Lucky Kat’s flair for pixel art as well as a rockin’ chip tunes soundtrack that dripping with Top Gun nostalgia.

Lucky Kat’s previous standout games Sky Chasers and Combo Critters were favorites on the site, so we’ve got our paws crossed Thunderdogs will follow suit. The game has been in public Beta testing since March, and has been popular on our forums, head here to see what others have thought so far.