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Lucky Kat’s Multiplayer Dogfighting Game ‘ThunderDogs’ is Looking for Beta Testers

It seems like only last week that we were at GDC 2018 checking out the new game called ThunderDogs from Beat Street (Free) developer Lucky Kat, and in fact it WAS just last week! This new game follows in the footsteps of the .io multiplayer game craze, but has a level of polish that you don’t typically see in the genre. It’s a dogfighting game that takes influence from games like Starfox and Luftrausers, and it’ll have you manning an aircraft and zipping around trying to shoot down other players while collecting different power-ups and hopefully avoiding being shot down yourself. Here’s a pretty kick ass animated gif showing the frantic action of ThunderDogs.

At the time we saw it last week, ThunderDogs was pegged to be about a couple of months away, and now Lucky Kat is at the point where they’d like to recruit some beta testers to get some feedback and get the game in shape for release. If you’re interested in testing this one, visit the thread in our forums where you’ll find a link to sign up for beta testing. In case you missed our hands-on demo from last week, be sure to check that out for a more in-depth look at a work-in-progress version of the game, and hopefully ThunderDogs will be arriving in just the next couple of months.