Huge “Wellspring” Update Now Available for Mobile MMO ‘Villagers & Heroes’

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Back in late February, developer Mad Otter Games brought their MMORPG Villagers & Heroes (Free) to iOS complete with cross-platform play between the existing (and quite popular) desktop and Android versions. While there is no shortage of games that would technically qualify as MMORPGs on the App Store, most of them follow the typical free to play game formula and lack the real substance that made the genre so compelling back when games like EverQuest and World of Warcraft were ruling the roost. Villagers & Heroes on the other hand brings that old-school-style of MMORPG and works quite flawlessly across platforms. While last year’s huge Starfall expansion focused on refining the combat side of things in Villagers & Heroes, the Wellspring expansion that we detailed last month was to focus more on the villages and community aspects of the game. And that Wellspring update is now available.

With this update you can look forward to a ton of new customization options for your Village including different types of skies, grasses, trees, and much more. Politics have also made their way to Villages and you can now run full-blown mayoral elections to elect a leader who can then assign various ranks to your village inhabitants as well as change the village name and slogan and set vault access levels. There are also new social projects you can partake in for your village that will see you working together with your neighbors to build things like a Sugar Mill or a combat Training Ground that once completed will benefit everyone who lives in the village. Finally, you can discover the titular Wellspring which is “a mystical source of magic in the depths below, which grants powerful benefits to everyone in the village." It sounds like a lot of fun new additions for the Villagers & Heroes faithful, but even if you haven’t tried the game out before it’s totally free to do so, so definitely give it and this new Wellspring content a look.

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