Mobile MMO ‘Villagers & Heroes’ Arrives on iOS with Cross-Platform Play with Android and PC

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Mad Otter Games had a vision of a full-scale MMORPG that could be played at home on your PC or out and about while on your mobile devices, with the ability to jump between platforms seamlessly. The result is Villagers & Heroes (Free), which has been out on both PC and Android for quite a while but has finally landed on iOS today as well. In it you’ll find all the features you’d expect from a full desktop-class MMORPG including thousands of story-driven quests, raids to battle in with your crew, mounts to ride across the vast lands, weapons and equipment that you can forge and enchant with magical items, and persistent villages where your character can live and help towards making improvements and expanding the village footprint. All of this takes place in a colorful, World of Warcraft-esque fantasy realm which you can see in the following Villagers & Heroes trailer.

I don’t play any MMOs and I don’t really follow the scene that much, but everything I’ve heard from Android and PC players about Villagers & Heroes has skewed towards the positive. It really is a full-fledged MMO that makes no concessions for its mobile version, which is really impressive. While this isn’t my particular genre I’ve always wished I could find an MMO that would suck me in (Or maybe not? Thinking about the many WoW addicted friends I’ve had over the years.) so I’m anxious to give this new iOS version of Villagers & Heroes a spin to see what happens. It’s free after all, so why not? If you’ve been anxiously waiting for this one or if you’re simply intrigued by the sound of it, give the free download of Villagers & Heroes a shot and drop by the forum thread to leave your thoughts about the game and find some folks to play with.

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