‘PUBG Mobile’ Gets Miramar, Local Quick Teams, and More

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If you’re into PUBG Mobile (Free) (which you really should be) a huge update just hit the App Store which added a ton of new features and functionality. While it’s been available on the PC version for some time, mobile is just now getting the Miramar map. Miramar is a barren desert, and adds loads of interesting wrinkles to the PUBG formula as there aren’t many forests to hide in so you have to adeptly use the actual terrain to hide from enemies. Final circles on Miramar are often supremely hectic as you might be fighting with other players over one rock, or a single tree. It’s a huge shake up from Erangel, the previous default map.

Check this out to pan around the map beforehand to get an idea of the terrain. I’m partial to dropping into the hotel on the southeast edge of Pecado and then making my way into the nearby casino, but there’s tons of good spots in Miramar.

Other new additions include progress missions, a regional server system, and local quick teams which seems to group you up with other local nearby players to make partying up way simpler in real life. It’s pretty impressive how much better PUBG Mobile has been getting, and this latest update is definitely worth a reinstall if you’ve since deleted the game.

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