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‘Badland’ Developer Frogmind Soft-Launches New PvP Game ‘Rumble Stars Soccer’

With many years of success from Badland ($0.99) and Badland 2 ($0.99) under their belt, developer Frogmind has been keeping themselves plenty busy. They’re currently in the midst of a soft-launch of their physics-based battling game called Badland Brawl that takes place in the Badland universe, and now they’ve gone and soft-launched another upcoming game this past weekend called Rumble Stars Soccer. This one is also a multiplayer-centric game, and sees you facing off against opponents as you try to score goals by flicking and shooting a soccer ball into their goal. The action in Rumble Stars Soccer takes place in real-time, and the focus is on building up your team with the various characters in the game as well as performing cool combos that will help you score on your opponents. Check out the trailer.

Frogmind is really keen on getting some actual player feedback on this one while it’s in soft launch, so if you’re interested in taking it for an early spin you can grab Rumble Stars Soccer with the link below if you’re in the following regions: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Netherlands, Thailand, Vietnam & Philippines. If you do end up checking it out, then head to our forums to leave feedback about the game and find a link to the official Discord server for Rumble Stars Soccer where you can also leave feedback and meet the devs and join in with the community. Otherwise look for the worldwide launch of Rumble Stars Soccer at some point in the near future.