Cross-Platform MMORPG ‘Villagers & Heroes’ Getting Huge Wellspring Expansion Next Month

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For the past few years, Mad Otter Games have been offering a truly cross-platform MMO experience for mobile gamers in the form of Villagers & Heroes (Free). For a long time it was only available on PC and Android, but it did finally come to iOS back in February and allowed players to play seamlessly across all three platforms. What it lacked in fancy graphics it certainly has made up for in terms of the sheer number of things you can do in the game, and how well it all works across a pretty wide variety of devices. It’s a very old-school sort of MMO experience, but that seems to be what players love about Villagers & Heroes. Last year Mad Otter released a huge update called the Starfall Expansion which significantly reworked huge portions of the game including the combat. Now with the iOS release behind them, they’re working on the game’s next big update which will focus more on the social areas of the game.

The update is called the Wellspring expansion and will focus on the player communities known as villages. Mad Otter describes it in their own words: “Villages are at the heart of our game – where players can come together, build a community, construct their own house, and engage in community projects together. Starfall saw major additions and changes to almost all aspects of the game including combat, loot, and endgame content. Wellspring, on the other hand, will look to provide the communities in the game with more content and new additions to the villages with new projects, politics, and Customizable Village Environments." This update will allow villagers to do things like run for office of mayor and be appointed to local government to help run the village. You’ll also be able to take part in village projects like building a Sugar Mill or a Training Ground to practice combat. The construction of these will require players to work together, and if you’re able to finish the project then everyone in the village will be able to reap the rewards.

It sounds really cool and if you’re already a Villagers & Heroes fan then you can look for the Wellspring expansion to launch across all platforms on May 14th, and if you haven’t checked the game out yet but are intrigued it’s completely free to download and try on iOS, Android, and PC. You can find links to all three platforms on the official website. You can also find further discussion and more impressions of the game in our forums.

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