Android MMORPG ‘Villagers & Heroes’ Getting Huge ‘Starfall’ Expansion, Coming to iOS this Year

If you’re an Android player and like MMORPGs, you’ve probably already played Villagers & Heroes, which is also on PC and allows cross-platform gameplay. The developers are getting ready to expand the game’s world with the upcoming Starfall expansion, which will add plenty of content as well as rework many of the game’s features. First of all, Starfall will raise the cap level to 90 and gradually add new seven zones and new bosses. Those two changes should give players plenty to do.

In addition to expanding the game’s world, the Starfall update will revamp the loot system to make loot feel more significant. The developers are also reworking the class system and adding new talent trees and feats. That will allow each class to have three specializations and access to Ultimates, which are big new bonuses. There will also be improvements to the UI, an improved world map, and more. As you can tell, plenty of quality of life changes. The Starfall update will come to Android later this year, and iOS will also get to play Villagers & Heroes later this year.