The Huge COCCYX Update for ‘Death Road to Canada’ Is Finally Available on the App Store

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What is there left to say about Death Road to Canada ($14.99)? Ever since its launch on the App Store in March, it seems the iOS community has been entirely enamoured by Rocketcat Games’ latest and biggest mobile venture, and for good reason. As our review and subsequent Game of the Week award firmly underlines, Death Road to Canada’s eccentric unpredictability and compulsively fun gameplay has made it a shoe-in for the end of year awards season, and the developer’s commitment to expanding the experience with updates is both commendable and extremely exciting. After what has felt like a long wait, the first major content update for Death Road to Canada has today launched on the App Store, and comes with a veritable slew of content, most notably an awesome unlock system that includes perks, traits, upgrades, one-off bonuses and much more with a brand new currency called Zombo Points. The launch trailer for what has been dubbed the COCCYX update does a good job of demonstrating some of the recent additions, and this huge content patch serves as a great excuse to revisit Death Road to Canada for both hardcore fans and anyone currently sitting on the fence.

As well as the aforementioned unlock system, and a new Gnome Trader that utilises the Zombo Points for shopping options, the COCCYX update has added seven new characters to recruit, new road events, additional perks, special ending text that is affected by the mode and characters that you choose, and a Sleepy Trader that provides even more rare bartering options. There’s a lot in the 1.05 Death Road to Canada update, including many finer details – such as brilliant toilet upgrades – that may seem somewhat inconsequential on their own, but only add to what is one of the most complete packages of recent times in mobile gaming. Rocketcat aren’t slowing down with the content, however, as a later tentative August update promises even more characters, weapons, locations and events. In line with the developer’s pricing philosophy, Death Road to Canada has increased to $9.99, although the extra content more than justifies the bump to ten dollars. The price will also only continue to increase as successive updates for the game hit the App Store, so now is a good time as any to pick the title up. Download the COCCYX update for Death Road to Canada now, and share your experiences in this zombie survival epic on our forum thread.

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