New Video Released of COCCYX Update for ‘Death Road to Canada’, Coming June 29th

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Last week we detailed a massive new update that’s heading to Rocketcat and Madgarden’s sublime Death Road to Canada ($14.99), an update they’ve dubbed the COCCYX update. It’s set to add a fancy new currency called Zombo Points which you’ll need to earn through actually playing the game (no IAP!) and can spend on buying new perks and abilities. It pretty much replaces the current perk progression system with something that’s a bit more clear and similar to progression systems in other games. There are also lots of new characters being added in this update, and that’s the focus of today’s news piece as the developers have just released a new video showing some of those new characters in action.

Last week the COCCYX update was submitted with a hopeful release towards the end of the month, and along with this new trailer we also have confirmation that the update will indeed hit on June 29th. In addition, as is Rocketcat’s typical monetization strategy, the price of Death Road to Canada will be increasing by a dollar shortly after the update is released, going from $8.99 to $9.99. There’s also another big update planned for the August timeframe, and will focus “almost entirely on new content. Locations, characters, weapons, events, and maybe more." Straight from the horse mask’s mouth, people! Obviously we like Death Road to Canada quite a bit, so if you haven’t given it a shot just yet now is as good a time as any before the price jumps up with the COCCYX update on June 29th.

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