‘Hearthstone’ Next Expansion to be Announced July 6th, Is it ‘Return of the Lich King’?

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Get ready Hearthstone (Free) players because on July 6th at 7 PM PDT, Blizzard will reveal details about the game’s next expansion. Specifically, during the HCT Spring championships, Team 5 will be around to make a “special announcement" about upcoming content. The announcement will be streamed live on Hearthstone‘s official Twitch channel, and after the announcement, you’ll can watch the second leg of HCT, although I’m pretty sure everyone will be chatting about the expansion rather than the tournament. The announcement comes with an image of some faint figures behind the Tavern window, but no other detail outside that.

Reddit is pretty convinced the next update will be the Return of the Lich King, from World of Warcraft, based on a trademark, but it remains to be seen. What do you think the next expansion will be about, and what are you hoping it brings to the game?

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