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The Label is A Premium Gaming Publisher Backed by FunPlus, Will Feature New Edmund McMillen Game

There’s an intriguing new mobile games inititative that wants to be the “HBO of mobile games" called The Label, and it’s got some intriguing names behind the scenes, not to mention with content being created for the service. Robert Bowling, formerly of Infinity Ward, is behind The Label, with publisher FunPlus helping to back the initative. The Label will publish Bumbo by Binding of Isaac ($14.99) creator Edmund McMillen. As well, Guildlings by Threes ($5.99) developer Sirvo will be part of The Label, along with some interesting other titles from games industry veterans.

What many people will be happy to know is that the idea is that these will be premium games introduced through The Label. How well these will work out is obviously an open question, but if a publisher wants to try something dedicated from day one with premium mobile games, I’m intrigued to see how it plays out.