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‘Death Road to Canada’ Hits PC on Friday, Mobile Version Coming “Roughly a Month After”

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Rocketcat Games and Madgarden’s collaborative “randomized permadeath road trip simulator" Death Road to Canada is finally releasing on desktop this Friday after a very long road of development that started with its initial announcement way back in August of 2013. Death Road to Canada is a simulation-style game similar to Oregon Trail where your goal is to make it from Florida to Canada during a zombie apocalypse. You’ll need to harvest resources and collect new party members along the way, as well as fight off the hordes of zombies who are anxious to chomp on your brains. In celebration of this momentous occasion, Kepa from Rocketcat is posting playthrough videos of Death Road to Canada leading up to its release this Friday. Below you can see the first three parts of a “Familiar Faces Extreme Mode" playthrough.

What is “Familiar Faces Extreme Mode" you ask? Well you’ll be able to set various parameters before starting a game, and this one in particular means that there are 60% more zombies than normal (Extreme Mode) and the survivors you come across in the game will predominantly be the custom characters you’ve made in the game’s character creator (Familiar Faces). The video description offers even more insight into what’s happening in this playthrough, including main character Dannie being especially tough because she was “turned partly into stone by a Toilet Genie" and how the group managed to steal a medieval axe from a trader camp and survive to tell about it.

As for the iOS version of Death Road to Canada, the developers expect it to release “roughly a month after" the PC launch this Friday. They also comment on the sheer size of this game, saying it’s “Way bigger than Wayward Souls ($7.99)" and that there’s already loads of stuff planned for future content updates. Considering Wayward Souls is one of the finest games around, and our Game of the Year in 2014, and has tons of content and nearly endless replayability, this bodes really well for Death Road to Canada.

Check out the official Death Road to Canada website for links to the PC version when it goes live this Friday, and keep a close eye on the game’s forum thread here on TouchArcade for updates on the progress of the mobile version which we should hopefully be getting by late August or early September.

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