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RocketCat and Madgarden Tease ‘Death Road to Canada’, a “Randomized Permadeath Road Trip Simulator”

While the App Store as a whole seems to be swirling down the free to play storm drain, Rocketcat and Madgarden are holding fast with the idea of premium games- And their new one sounds incredibly awesome. It’s called Death Road to Canada, and per the tag line in the trailer, it’s a “Randomized Permadeath Road Trip Simulator". Sure, it’s a zombie game, which normally would make us groan pretty hard, but if anyone can do a zombie game right, it’s the collaboration of these two studios. Per the thread in our forums, players will make their way from Florida to Canada, with all sorts of highly randomized experiences hinging around Choose Your Own Adventure-style decisions.

Check out the trailer:

Also mentioned in the thread is that the zombies they’re going for are the slow style that are dangerous in number (as seen in the trailer). Characters you come across are randomized, and you can even play as a dog (?). Apparently, inspirations include games like King of Dragon Pass, The Walking Dead, River City Ransom, Wasteland Kings and “a very tiny bit" of Oregon Trail. It all sounds pretty rad to me.

This same collaboration brought us Punch Quest (Free), which, in my book, means it’s very appropriate to get excited for Death Road to Canada. They’re aiming for an October release, and “in exchange for having no IAP" they’re looking at a $4.99 price point.