Super Giant Sale on Supergiant Games ‘Bastion’ and ‘Transistor’

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We don’t really make a habit of posting about sales or freebies anymore, because frankly, most games nowadays are already free and most paid games go on sale so frequently that it kind of loses its impact after awhile. Both of these games fall in that latter category, both Bastion and Transistor have seen plenty of sales in the past, but gosh darn it these games are so incredibly good it just didn’t feel right to not let everyone know that they’re both currently on sale at the same time.

Bastion ($4.99) should need no introduction, as it put Supergiant Games on the map when it originally released in July of 2011 on Xbox Live Arcade. Just over a year later it launched on the iPad, and we absolutely loved it in our review. A few months later it went Universal and played just as well on the smaller iPhone screen. And hey, if you want an even more in-depth look at Bastion, Shaun Musgrave gave it the RPG Reload treatment back in December of 2014.

Transistor ($4.99) was the second game from Supergiant, and if you might have been worried about that whole “sophomore slump" thing, this proved that you can release a follow-up to a massively successful and critically acclaimed debut title and it doesn’t have to suck. Far from it in fact, as we thought Transistor was absolutely fantastic when we reviewed it in June of last year. Transistor shared a similar striking art style and enthralling narrative as its predecessor, but featured a really interesting semi-turn-based combat system that gave it a unique feel.

As I said before, this is far from the first time these titles have been on sale, and in fact they were both on sale concurrently as recently as last December. However, if either are not a part of your library yet, this is a good chance to rectify that. Bastion is down to just 99¢ from its regular price of $4.99, and Transistor is down to $2.99 from its normal $9.99 price point. Definitely jump on either or both during this sale, and cross your fingers and toes that Supergiant’s forthcoming third game Pyre will make its way to mobile at some point in the future.

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