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‘Bastion’ and ‘Transistor’ Developer Supergiant Games Announce Third Game ‘Pyre’

Supergiant Games doesn’t release games often, but when they do the world stops and takes notice. Their breakout hit was 2011’s Bastion ($4.99), which first launched on Xbox Live Arcade but made its way to iOS about a year later. Then there was 2014’s Transistor ($4.99), which received similar critical praise and also made its way to iOS about a year after its original release. So today Supergiant has announced their third game, a gorgeous party-based RPG called Pyre, and I just can’t help but think (and pray) that this one will follow in the footsteps of its predecessors and we’ll be playing it on iOS in about a year. A pie in the sky prediction? Maybe. But regardless of if that ends up being the case or not, I’ll take any excuse to share this beautiful trailer for Pyre.

I honestly see no reason for Supergiant to NOT bring Pyre over to iOS devices. Bastion raced up the charts when it released on the App Store and has been featured and included in Best Of collections dozens of times since. While not quite to the same degree as Bastion, Transistor has seen similar acclaim and featuring from Apple since arriving on iOS. I’ve got to imagine that Supergiant doesn’t have a problem getting sprayed with a money hose from an additional platform. However, *officially* Pyre is only slated for PlayStation 4 and Steam, as per the trailer. It’s also not set to arrive until next year, which means that–if their previous iOS releases are anything to go by–us mobile folks wouldn’t even be playing it until sometime in 2018 anyway. I’m a patient man, though! So let’s all cross our collective fingers that Pyre finds its way to iOS someday, and if we get any official word to that effect, we’ll be letting you know.