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‘Clash Royale’ Launches Globally for iOS and Android in March 2016

Many who anxiously await to play Clash Royale expected the game to launch early February right after the big update, but Supercell decided to withhold joy from us for longer. Well, now we know for how long since a new video posted on the Clash Royale website states March 2016 as the official global launch. So, not too long to wait now. If you haven’t played Supercell’s new game because you don’t have a NZ account, know that this is a very addictive game that packs loads of strategy into 3 or 4 minute matches. It’s a cross between a CCG, real-time strategy, and MOBA, and it’s awesome. You get to play with all the units from Supercell’s other tiny game, Clash of Clans, and you go against other opponents in an attempt to prevail over your puny rivals (I mean worthy opponents). There’s a reason why we’ve been singing the game’s praises; it really is awesome.

There’s also a clan system, a tournament system, video replays, and much, much more. Players in our forums love it, too. I’ve been playing it for weeks now, and it really scratches that strategy itch in short bursts; in other words, perfect for those who enjoy strategy games but don’t have the time to dig into longer, more complex strategy games. So, not too long to wait now for everyone to join the Clash Royale party!