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Watch Two Elite ‘Clash Royale’ Players Go Head-to-Head in the Game’s Replay Mode

One of the cool features in the soft launched Clash Royale is the replay viewer, which allows you to see your past matches, watching them at slow, normal, or fast speed, in order to see how the match went down. This is super-handy as you get to see the cards and elixir you have, but also the cards and elixir your opponent has, so you can watch their strategy and see what tactics they used and how they were able to deploy certain attacks and defenses. The other cool thing is that there’s also a replay mode that shows matches between high-ranked players, with a new match to watch every hour or so in-game. Sometimes you get some elite players going after each other, such as the #1 player from Chinese clan hKEsports, and the #3 player in the world, GAMINGwithMOLT.­­­­ This gives you a pretty cool look into how the top-level players play, and the cards they use. This match from January 14, 2015 in particular shows how a match can turn even in the last few seconds: