‘Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition’ Coming to Actual Pockets Thursday with Universal Update

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There was a joyous uproar this past June when Klei Entertainment confirmed long-standing rumors that their hit survival game Don’t Starve would be coming to iOS in a special “Pocket Edition" version of the game. Then just over a week later it was revealed that Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition ($4.99) would be an iPad-only release. Cue cries of dispair across the globe and an avalanche of jokes about needing humongous jeans to fit the Pocket Edition of Don’t Starve in your actual pocket. Yes, we all had a good laugh and a good cry. Well, Klei didn’t like seeing that rollercoaster of emotions, so just a few days later they teased about Don’t Starve coming to iPhones as well. That time is finally almost upon us, as Klei tweeted earlier today that a Universal update for Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition is coming this Thursday.

As someone who owns an iPad but really prefers to play everything on my iPhone 6, I’m very excited for this update as Don’t Starve is simply fantastic on iOS and I know I’ll be putting in a lot more time with the game if it’s easily accessible in my pocket. And no, not the pocket of my Jnco jeans you jokesters! Look for the free Universal update for Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition this Thursday, September 3rd.

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