Sorry, Jokesters: ‘Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition’ Looks Like It’s Actually Coming to iPhone

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Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition ($4.99) being an iPad exclusive at this point has led to plenty of jokesters cracking wise about how iPads can’t fit in the pockets of most people’s pants, therefore the name is silly and/or inaccurate. These jokes, are, of course, recycled from Tasty Poison and Crescent Moon’s 2011 game Pocket RPG ($2.99), which you may recall was on the iPad first. And in those days, iPads were a lot thicker than they are now! I’m sure I cracked my jokes then, so this has felt more like “yes, yes we get it." Klei Entertainment decided to respond to one such jokester in a tweet linking to this Instagram photo:

Don't Starve: "Pocket" Edition… Available now for iPad on the App Store.

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Haha, that iPad is clearly too large for that man’s pants! What hilarious hijinks! But wait, that appears to be an iPhone in that man’s front pocket. And that looks like the right side of the Don’t Starve title screen. Why, are those tricksters at Klei Entertainment making Don’t Starve for iPhone as well, eventually fulfilling the game’s destiny as a game worthy of being called a “Pocket Edition?" Why yes!

Don't Starve Pocket Pants

So yeah, expect to be playing Don’t Starve on your iPhone, without any wacky jailbreak hacks, at some point soon enough. Get your yuks in while you can.

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