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Simple but Strategic Action Card Game ‘Castles’ Coming from ‘Ultrahyper’ Developer Sets and Settings

Folmer Kelly of Sets and Settings, developer of games like Trap Tower (Free) and Ultrahyper (Free), and co-developer of Wrasslin’ (Free) and Battle Golf (Free), has a new game in the works and it’s looking pretty darn awesome so far. It’s simply called Castles, and is inspired in part by an old but popular Flash game named Castle Wars. As Folmer describes it in our forums, “Castles is a minimalist action card game where the goal is to manage your resources in order to destroy your opponent, using turn-based action cards." Here’s a .gif showing Castles in action.

The art style looks really neat, and as someone who could never get into overly-complex strategy games I like the sound of Castles‘ more simplistic approach. If you’re not a fan of animated .gifs, you can also check out a really short gameplay video recorded from an iPhone to get an idea of how Castles works. Things are still pretty early in development, but be sure to drop by the forum thread for an extra dose of details from Folmer on how Castles will work, and possibly even get in for beta testing. Also, you can still play the original Flash version of Castle Wars over on Kongregate for a glimpse at the inspiration behind Castles.