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‘Don’t Starve Pocket Edition’ Teased via Klei Entertainment Instagram

In late last January we posted about Klei Entertainment’s Don’t Starve potentially coming to mobile. At the time, it was like a lot of indie “coming to mobile" announcements. Totally non-commital, and framed more around the idea of “It’d be cool if…" and not really “We are doing this on this date." Mobile ports weren’t Klei’s priority back then, but today it seems like the winds of change are blowing… Or, at least, that’s what a recent Instagram post by the developers would suggest:

A video posted by Klei (@kleientertainment) on

If you haven’t heard of Don’t Starve, no big deal. It’s one of those games like FTL that’s great on the PC, but feels like it should be played on a tablet instead. The goal of the game, as the title indicates, is to not starve. Finding food, avoiding enemies, staying sane, these are the kind of things you need to worry about.

Here’s the trailer from the PC version:

Their YouTube channel is crammed with even more videos of the game. We’re definitely very stoked for this, and will bring you any news we find so be sure to add Don’t Starve to your watch list.

Thanks, Bogart!