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‘Real Racing 3’ Launch Trailer Released

Tomorrow is the official launch date of EA and Firemonkey’s Real Racing 3, and GameTrailers has scored the exclusive launch trailer for this occasion. Real Racing 3 is taking a bold step into the world of freemium, and EA is taking a gamble by disgruntling a huge majority of its hardcore fanbase for a chance to reach the much, much wider casual mobile gaming audience. Only time will tell how that move will pan out, but one thing I think everyone can agree on is that Real Racing 3 is a stunning visual masterpiece on mobile.

Unless EA has something else planned, then Real Racing 3 should be hitting the US App Store tonight at 11pm EST along with all this week’s other new releases. It’s possible they might manually “flip the switch" to set it live at a different time, but we’ll be sure to post and let you know when it’s officially out in the US. You can also check out the discussion thread in our forums, which is filled with lots of talk about the freemium pay model but also is filled with impressions from people who have been playing Real Racing 3 since its soft launch earlier this month. Expect a whole lot more on Real Racing 3 in the very near future.