The TouchArcade Show – 67 – A Hair Oiling Intervention

On this week’s episode of The TouchArcade Show, we ask what kind of oil is best for, you know, greasing up muscles. We also talk about video games: at the top, we give some time to Final Fantasy Dimensions and some new TouchArcade content highly inspired by the Walled Garden Weekly podcast. A little later, we dive into Double Fine’s free-to-play sim Middle Manager of Justice, the oft-hilarious point-and-click title McPixel, and Blast-A-Way, Illusion Labs’ latest iPhone and iPad joint. Good stuff.

After the break, we hit the latest news, including the recent ESRB listing of Kareteka, the sudden release of Bastion on iPad, and other notables.

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And, finally, here are your show notes and an image that’s been getting linked a lot in our TouchArcade back-end chat: