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Jordan Mechner’s Reimagined ‘Karateka’ Confirmed for iOS

We learned back in February that Prince of Persia creator and game industry legend Jordan Mechner’s very first published video game Karateka would be seeing a modern re-release, and that it might hit iOS platforms in addition to the usual slew of digital download services. A leak by the ESRB that was spotted by Siliconera seems to confirm those initial rumors.

Karateka is one of the earlier side-scrolling beat ‘em ups that originally released on the Apple II back in 1984. Jordan Mechner had previously stated that this new version would be more along the lines of a reimagining of the original game, rather than a radically new game using the same IP or simply a faithful gameplay port with fancier graphics. It sounds like the biggest change will be the ability to play as three different heroes in your journey to rescue a princess from an evil overlord.

What other changes are in store we’ll just have to wait and see, and while the new Karateka doesn’t have a specific release date yet it looks like it’ll be hitting sometime this year.

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