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Award Winning Action RPG ‘Bastion’ Spotted on New Zealand App Store

I’m still busy working on our proper coming tonight post, but everyone is making so much noise about Bastion in our Campfire chat (taking a break from the typical your mom jokes and work out talk) that it seemed important enough to post now! Bastion debuted at the Penny Arcade Expo in 2010, then went on to see a XBLA release the following summer and a PC release a few months later. It’s an indie-made action RPG that was widely praised in reviews for, well, basically everything. Art, gameplay, story, sound, and music which you can get a taste of on BandCamp.

We’ve got a thread cookin’ in our forums where early impressions should start rolling in shortly. Meanwhile, we’re giving it a download and will report back later today with some hands-on impressions likely in the form of a TA Plays video. In the meantime, if you’re lucky enough to live in a region where the game is available you can download it for the equivalent of $4.99 by mashing this link. Sadly, it’s iPad only.

Trailer from the XBLA release!

UPDATE: Super Giant Games has put up a Bastion FAQ that covers, well, basically everything you’d ever want to know about the game. I’m impressed by just how thorough it is, in fact. They’ve even got an iPad-specific teaser trailer in there: