Kairosoft Offer ‘Mega Mall Story’ And ‘Hot Spring Story’ On The Cheap

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On the heels of an epic price-slashing maneuver that saw Pocket Academy and its latest game Grand Prix Story go for a paltry $1.99, the simulation gurus at Kairosoft have murdered the original asking price of Mega Mall Story [$1.99 / Lite] and Hot Springs Story [$1.99 / Lite]. Both titles are $1.99 for a “limited time.” They usually sit at $3.99, so you’ll save a couple of bones if you decide to take the plunge.

And plunge you should, as both of these titles are totally worth the reduced asking price. Earlier this summer, I called Mega Mall Story the most “complete simulation” from the studio yet. Hot Springs Story, though it requires some effort to push beyond the cultural barrier, is solid, too.

As a side-note, it appears as if we’ll be missing out on a new game from Kairosoft this month. Last month, we speculated that it’s SimCity-like title, Edo Town, would make it out of the door worldwide in early October. It’s still a possibility, but we’re thinking that these sales are an indication that a new game isn’t coming.

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