‘Hard Lines’ Goes Free, Update Adds Free-To-Play Elements

Spilt Milk StudiosHard Lines [Free], a fun line-racing puzzle game with a touch of Snake thrown in for good measure, has received a big ol’ new update. Starting now, the game boasts four additional power-ups on top of the pre-existing assortment, two new game modes, a brand-spankingly fresh in-game currency, and an in-game shop to boot. Oh! It’s also free at the moment, though that’ll probably change in the next few hours.

As is the norm nowadays with huge updates, a lot of the new additions speak to a pricing model change for Hard Lines as whole. The in-game currency, “Hard Cash,” can be purchased straight-up with IAP or found in the game as pick-ups. With it, you can upgrade the new power-ups for use in whatever, including presumably the game’s two new modes: Daily Challenge and Lionel’s Hard Cash. The latter mode is an optional paid mode that offers a lot of Hard Cash in return for your investment. The catch? It’s 80 bucks. No, really.

We loved Hard Lines and will continue to post this update. If you still haven’t seen it, we’d suggest just grabbing it now while it’s silly cheap. Our glowing review, however, is located here if you want some reading material before going in.