The iCade Angle: ‘Mos Speedrun’

Yesterday, we pointed out a bunch of titles that have incorporated iCade support since the mini-arcade machine’s debut. This afternoon, I want to highlight an awesome game that really clicks once you strap it in ThinkGeek’s device: Mos Speedrun [$1.99 / Lite].

If you need a little background on Mos Speedrun, our review is a good place to start. In brief, it’s a simple and cutesy lo-fi platformer that stresses level completion time instead of exploration or 2D combat. As a personal aside, I love how the game screams “GO” in a non-contrived way — every single system, mechanic, and bit of visual or audio design expertly and organically serves the purpose of expressing speed, much like how a 2D Mario beckons you to move to the right and explore the world without having to throw up blocks and blocks of instructional text.

Without an iCade, you navigate Mos Speedrun with three big pieces of UI. The virtual buttons are responsive enough, but the iCade adds a level of fluidity and precision to movement that you don’t get otherwise, especially when course-correcting mid-air. The physical buttons, on the other hand, give you much better control over jump height, due to the tactile feedback they provide. Considering that the vast majority of things in your way often breaks down to Something You Have To Jump Over, this shakes out to be a big deal when you’re racing against a clock or taking mini-bounces over enemies.

I’ve been putting up better times and sharper runs since switching to an iCade, but I’ve also been having a lot more fun with the game, which is way more important than anything else I’ve mentioned thus far. If you grab an iCade, Mos Speedrun should be at the top of your list.

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