Gameloft Throws A Kickin’ $.99 Sale For Father’s Day

It’s written in the United States’ constitution that every holiday must be honored with a sale or two on the App Store. No joke — it’s a new law according to yet another wiki page that I just finished vandalizing. If you’re interested, the law is sandwiched between the “freedom of press” thing and that other law about how all American babies should be named after me.

Anyway, it’s with great honor that I tell you about Gameloft’s massive $.99 Father’s Day sale, a sale meant to stir your loins and your wallet. I can’t pin down a rhyme or reason for what games are being offered at their discounted rates, but hey, they’re cheap and I think that’s all that matters at the end of the day.

Here’s the list. The first link you’ll see is connected to a write-up of ours about the game, while the second will take you straight to the App Store:

Eternal Legacy99¢
Eternal Legacy HD99¢
Fast Five: The Movie: Official Game99¢
Fast Five: The Movie: Official Game: HD99¢
Fishing Kings99¢
Gangstar: Miami Vindication99¢
Gangstar: Miami Vindication HD99¢
NFL 201199¢
NFL 2011 HD99¢
Order & Chaos Online99¢ [Universal]
Real Soccer 201199¢
Real Soccer 2011 HD99¢
Spider-Man: Total Mayhem99¢
Spider-Man – Total Mayhem HD99¢

You know, maybe these are supposed to be games that father’s dig? My dad refuses to play anything without the words “King’s Quest" or “Hearts" in the title, but to each his own I suppose.