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Physics has always been a staple of the App Store. Slingshot Physics, Ragdoll Physics, Skateboard and BMX physics, and so on. Playing a game with finely tuned, consistent physics just feels so right. I don't know why these games are always so popular, but man, are they satisfying. That's how I'd describe Ball King[Free] from developer Qwiboo. Eminently satisfying to play...

Just a few days after orchestrating what appears to be the longest ever turn in Hearthstone [Free], French player and streamer Florian "Mamytwink" Henn has again stretched the game's rules toward their breaking point. This time, he claims to have set up the most cards drawn and the most fatigue damage dealt in a single Hearthstone turn...

High Score Challenge #1: 'Dactyl'

August 25th, 2008 7:24 PM EDT by arn in High Score Challenge

We're going to try something new here on Touch Arcade: our first weekly High Score Challenge. If all goes well, we'll try to pick a new free app once a week to have our readers compete for fun and glory for the high score. ..

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