‘Hearthstone’ Mad Genius Draws 14,000 Cards and Deals 108 Million Damage in One Turn

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Just a few days after orchestrating what appears to be the longest ever turn in Hearthstone (Free), French player and streamer Florian “Mamytwink" Henn has again stretched the game’s rules toward their breaking point. This time, he claims to have set up the most cards drawn and the most fatigue damage dealt in a single Hearthstone turn.

For the uninitiated, here’s a simple breakdown: Hearthstone decks have 30 cards in them, and you take 1 point of damage each time you overdraw (this is called “fatigue"). The effect is a cumulative penalty for running out of cards. You take one point of damage the first time you overdraw, two points the second time, and so on.

The losing player in Henn’s experiment overdrew 14,745 times, and some quick, back-of-the-napkin summation reveals that he took a total of 108,714,885 points of fatigue damage. The turn took 24 hours to complete and finished up earlier this morning. The coup de grâce is embedded below:

The entire process depends on the Acolyte of Pain creature, which draws a card each time it’s damaged. From there, all you need to know is that Henn found a (somewhat elaborate and clunky) way to beef up the health on a few Acolytes, protect the enemy hero so it wouldn’t die before all the cards had been drawn, and then let rip with a few spells he rigged to shoot off over 19,000 individual missiles, each doing 1 damage. If you’re interested in the finer details of the set-up, which includes duplicating several key cards with Lorewalker Cho, there’s a separate, twenty minute video of that, too:

Incidentally, while Henn claims that both this exploit and his previous work are Guiness World Records, the Guinness website doesn’t have any records related to Heartstone gameplay listed. There are, however, records for fastest-selling PC game (Diablo III), longest World of Warcraft marathon (29 hours), and first guild to defeat Arthas in “Wrath of the Lich King" (Blood Legion). The Guinness site does include a disclaimer about how often records are updated, though, so Henn’s inauspicious achievements may be added eventually.

Even if they’re never officially recognized, Henn’s exploits are a breezy little reminder to not get bogged down in Ranked play or Blizzcon qualifying tournaments: there’s plenty of goofy, lighthearted fun to be had in Hearthstone, even with technically crappy cards.

You can see more of Mamytwink, of course, on his Twitch channel. Meanwhile, recently datamined information suggests that iPhone support is imminent.

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