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Amazon announced today their own streaming set top box called the Fire TV, a competitor to the Apple TV. It’s quite a beefy machine with a quad core CPU, a dedicated GPU and 2GB of ram. It runs on Android and will be available today for $99. As was expected, Amazon focused a lot on games at their unveiling event, and even showed a trailer featuring more than 12 games being made internally by Amazon Games Studios. The first one is Sev Zero, a third-person shooter that looks like a mash-up between Halo and Gears of Wars judging by the screenshots. The Fire TV will also have a version of Minecraft and Gameloft will bring Asphalt 8 to the platform. ..

Joe Dever's Lone Wolf Episode 1 [Free] is now free to celebrate the second episode’s release as an in-app purchase. This sort of price drop isn't uncommon in the Appstore as The Walking Dead [Free] also went free when more episodes came out in order to offer a taste of the full adventure. ..

'Cave Story' Developer Launching Retro Inspired iOS Platformer 'Kero Blaster' on May 11th

A rather cool looking retro platformer is hitting iOS soon. Made by Studio Pixel, the folks behind Cave Story (a well-received platformer), Kero Blaster follows the story of a frog as it attempts to rescue his cat girlfriend. The story might sound crazy but the gameplay will feel familiar to anyone looking for that retro side-scroller experience. It seems to be quite challenging too, looking at the trailer:..

Joining the ranks of classic matching RPGs like 10000000 and Block Legend, today Everplay has soft-launched Horde of Heroes, their own entry into the genre, in the Canadian App Store. Originally announced last week on our forums, Horde of Heroes is created by Cookiebit, the minds behind Miner Problem and 1001 attempts. We enjoyed both those games quite a bit, so we’re pretty stoked about this one...

Telltale is a really busy studio nowadays. They’re working on Game of Thrones, Tales from Borderlands and they are still pushing out episodes for The Walking dead [Free] and The Wolf Among Us [Free]. That last one is inspired by the comic “Fable” and features the Big Bad Wolf as the main character. We’ve been reviewing episodes of that series as they came out and we couldn’t wait for the story to continue. Well today Telltale has released a trailer for Episode 3 titled “A Crooked Mile” and while it still doesn’t have a date set in stone yet you shouldn’t have to wait much longer...

Techland have been riding on Dead Island’s success ever since it came out on PC and consoles, but as of today, they've got something new in the mix. Hellraid has been seen as the dark fantasy version of Dead Island and Techland has announced today that a brand new mobile title set in this universe is coming soon called Hellraid: The Escape. So far, Techland’s only app on the App Store is Dead Stop [$0.99], a good tower defense that was riddled with IAP. Hellraid: The Escape is a totally different game more akin to In Fear I Trust [$2.99]. Here’s the first trailer from the game:..

While Google Maps [Free] is not a game per se, it’s been updated with a neat “gaming-like” function. Starting today you’ll be able to catch Pokémons with your iOS or Android device. Google’s looking for the world’s best Pokémon Master and they will even invite them to Google’s Headquarters in order to determine who should win a Job at Google...

'World of Tanks: Blitz' Closed Beta Begins

World of Tanks has been a hit on PC since its first version in 2010. A free to play MMO tank battler, World of Tanks puts you in the driver seat of a tank, and thanks to its highly strategic gameplay, it has gained a massive following over the past few years. Developer Wargaming has been hard at work on an iOS version since then. Although it does not share the exact same gameplay, World of Tanks: Blitz is based on the experience that players know and love from the PC version but built from the ground up for mobile devices. You’ll engage in seven on seven multiplayers battles on 7 maps using medium and heavy tanks. Wargaming has recently released a new trailer showcasing the gameplay and letting people know that the game is currently in closed beta...

Everybody’s doing a Flappy Bird clone nowadays. Noodlecake surprised us last week with the excellent Flappy Golf [Free] and even our own Eli Hodapp is starring in his own game called Hodappy Bird. This might seem like a joke but it isn’t. And no, you’re not the only one wondering if the world has gone insane...

Hardcore Strategy Simulation Game 'Democracy 3' is Headed to iPad

Cliff Harris of Gratuitous Space Battle [$9.99 (HD)] is bringing Democracy 3 to the iPad per a recent post on the Positech blog. In this simulation game, you are the leader of a country and you’re faced with all the challenges that you can imagine. For those unfamiliar with the series it might seem a bit hard to understand at first because you’re not doing it from a 3D viewpoint. Instead, you look at charts, numbers and texts to better understand the consequences of your action and react accordingly. It’s been quite successful on PC and Democracy 3 was released late last year to glowing reviews. ..

Gameloft’s latest game Captain America: The Winter Soldier [Free] is now out worldwide for $2.99. A tie-in for the movie of the same name that is currently showing in theatres, it follows Captain America in an original adventure co-written by Marvel. You’ll punch and slam your shield at your enemies’ face while assembling a team of soldiers to fight alongside you. Here’s a video of the game in action that we captured at GDC:..

2048 [Free] has been storming up the charts on the App Store since its release and it seems like everybody’s talking about the game. It’s particularly disheartening when you know that Threes [$2.99] was released a couple of weeks prior to that. In both games you slide tiles on a board until either you win (for 2048) or you lose (for Threes). Even though 1024, another clone of Threes, was released first, it was 2048 that gained a huge following. There’s been no shortage of drama around it since the original creator of 2048 mentioned on Hacker News that he hadn’t even heard about Threes before making his game. As things evolved, his website has been updated and now states that it is “conceptually similar to Threes by Asher Vollmer”...

'FTL: Faster Than Light' Hitting the App Store on April 3rd for $9.99

FTL’s release date has finally been announced, and I couldn’t be more excited. This roguelike space adventure has been really popular on PC and Mac and you’ll be able to get it on your iPad on April 3rd for $9.99 without any kind of IAPs. It was a natural fit for the platform but one that took a lot longer than expected to be announced. ..

The App Store moves so fast these days that it's hard to keep track of updates, and iOS 7's stealth background downloading of updates sure doesn't help the situation. Here's some recent updates that you should check out, in case you've got these games hiding somewhere in a forgotten folder on your phone:..

Blast Furnace, Activision's mobile studio that made Pitfall [Free] and Call of Duty: Strike Team [$6.99], a game we thought was quite great in our review, is going to close at the end of the month. That’s a huge blow to Activision’s effort in mobile gaming that started in 2012 when they said that every Call of Duty game would be handled by that studio. It’s also a shame because the Blast Furnace was filled with talented folks from both Team 17 and Rockstar Games. ..

The App Store is a place of wonder. You’ll find games that you thought couldn’t exist and games that you wonder why they exist in the first place. Papa Sangre [$4.99] is based on the amazing concept of a game without graphics. Basically, you use your ears to find your way across dangerous environments all the while using positional audio to detect and avoid enemies. The first installment was a game that we reviewed and every new game in the series has been improving this formula. The Nightjar [$3.99] used the same concept but with Benedict Cumberbatch added as the narrator. And let’s face it, anything could use more Cumberbatch. ..

Disney released Star Wars: Assault Team [Free], a new card battler that was originally announced earlier this year and that mustn’t be confused with Konami’s not so great Star Wars Force Collection [Free]. Assault Team features Player vs Player combat, an original story set between episode IV and V and a ton of cards to collect. Here’s the launch trailer for it:..

The first episode of Joe Dever's Lone Wolf [Free] was gorgeously presented but had a few shortcomings upon its launch that were highlighted in our review. This gamebook turned 3D RPG wasn’t balanced properly, and it turned out to be too challenging for many players. ..

Free to Play 'Trials Frontier' is Set for Release on iOS April 10th

Trials Frontier, Redlynx's mobile extension of the famous console series which was announced at E3 last year, will be available on April 10th the company announced this week. Trials Frontier was received with mixed feelings when it soft launched in a few countries last year. Offered for free, you’d use fuel to complete tracks and get parts for your dirt bike. It looked good and kept the same gameplay that made it successful on other platforms, but alas the freemium elements weren’t properly balanced. You’d often run out of gas, and you’d bump your head over the extremely difficult challenges that required you to grind a lot to upgrade your bike without dropping some cash...

Guitar Hero [$0.99], once the rockstar of the rhythm genre, has fallen from grace since Rock Band took the world by storm. Now, after Rock Band was killed on iOS in 2012, Guitar Hero is also getting removed from the Appstore. ..