Disney Teases ‘Disney Infinity’ 2.0, Hinting at Marvel Characters

Disney Infinity (Free) may not have encountered the success that Skylanders ($6.99) did but it isn’t stopping them from pumping out more content. They’re teasing a 2.0 version in a video released today, hinting at new characters from Marvel including Captain America in Disney’s sandbox.

There were also rumors, a while ago, of Star Wars coming to Infinity so maybe this will also be part of that new version. It remains to be seen if it’s an update to the original game or an entirely new app altogether as details are scarce right now. I wasn’t fond of the original iOS version that featured clunky controls and an unsteady framerate. You’d also have to buy a ton of figurines to get anywhere in the game. Whatever they do, I’m sure they’ll update or release a new version for iOS too so I’m interested to see what kind of changes that will entail