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'Oddmar' Review - This Game Earns its Place in Valhalla

If you're a fan of paid mobile games, and you don't buy Oddmar [$4.99], you are the problem. If the developer Senri had any sense whatsoever, they would have released this on other platforms like the Switch first, and then released it on mobile maybe someday in the distant future. This is one of the best-looking mobile games of all time. And it's an incredibly fun action-platformer that anyone who cares about mobile gaming, or just wants a fun game to play, has to pick this up. It's not an option. This game is a mandatory purchase for all mobile gaming enthusiasts...

Welcome to the SwitchArcade Roundup for April 20th, covering the latest Switch news, releases, and games on sale! Hope you're enjoying this glorious day by Switch games, of course. Also, Sleep released their first album in a couple decades, so go listen to that! Normally, Friday's a busy day for releases, but with Nintendo Labo and then God of War on PS4, it's probably smart for developers to stay out of the way. Also, there are so many games out there that we could all use like, a month, to catch up. Oh, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze comes out in a couple weeks? The ride never ends!..

Hey folks, welcome back to the SwitchArcade Roundup. Sorry the Roundup has been away for a couple of days - technical issues and some personal stuff got in the way! I'm back, and ready to deliver the SwitchArcade Roundup for you. We've got a few days of new releases to cover, a couple new game announcements, a notable delay, and a couple of horror game sales worth checking out. Let's get into it, shall we?..

Epic Games announced Fortnite [Free] version 3.5.2, and it is rolling out starting right now. While the rumored destruction of Tilted Towers has yet to come to pass, there is a new Light Machine Gun weapon, 50v50 v2 Limited Time Mode, and some bonus XP and Battle Pass star opportunities ahead of Season 3's conclusion...

Welcome to the latest SwitchArcade Roundup, where we're covering the Sega Ages announcement and what it means for the Virtual Console on Switch, along with some interesting new sales on the Switch. This might be a slow week based on the few games listed in the coming soon section on the eShop, but for whatever reason, some games actually don't show up! Is it because some release dates don't get finalized until the last minute? Or is there just some weird system going on where only some developers can announce release dates and others can't? And why are some developers not taking preorders? I guess there's an issue if the game gets delayed, like Galaxy on Fire had, but still, seems like you'd want to take as much money as possible from potential customers before the game releases. Who knows! Video game marketing is weird. ..

Do you like the Square Enix Go series of games, but feel like they needed more crime? Congratulations, Vandals [$3.99] is the game for you. This turn-based puzzler unapologetically resembles the series that started with Hitman Go [$4.99] and applies a graffiti and street art theme to the game. It's really derivative, but the graffiti aspect is fun, and the game provides a history of street art to boot! However, depending on your feelings about the Square Enix Go games, this might not be worth picking up...

Welcome to the SwitchArcade Roundup for April 13th, where we're covering the latest Switch news, new releases, and games that are currently on sale! Sega dropped a surprise Football Manager Touch release for the Switch today, so the European segment of TouchArcade is quite excited in particular. Plus, a couple of cool indies are coming to Switch, and a game of colorful explosions is now on sale! Let's dive into today's roundup, post-haste:..

Welcome to the SwitchArcade Roundup for April 12th, where we're covering all the new Nintendo Switch releases, and a couple pieces of news! It's the busiest release day in weeks, with a ton of new indies out now on the eShop, with a few gems in particular like Breakforcist Battle, Don't Starve, and Burly Men at Sea. But seriously, today's jam-packed with new titles, so let's get the news stuff out of the way first before we dive into all the new goodies:..

Welcome to the SwitchArcade Roundup for April 11th, where we're covering the latest news, releases, and sales for Nintendo Switch! Two new games today, with a bunch hitting this week. And then, Shovel Knight's on sale, y'know, if you needed an excuse to spend more money. We also talk about Bleed 2 and why you should consider picking it up before it goes off of sale. And there's always more announcements. Make it stop! Actually, don't make it stop, what am I saying, literally drown me in cool Switch games, please...

Welcome to the SwitchArcade Roundup for April 10th, where we're covering the latest releases, sales, and news for Nintendo Switch games. Capcom's got Mega Man X games on the way, we know when the Death Road will arrive, and different games about haunted high schoolers are here in the Roundup! There are no original ideas any more, folks. This is a pretty solid collection of interesting stuff for the Switch, so let me stop wasting words and get right into the good bits:..

With baseball season underway, it's time for the baseball games to start hitting the field, and Com2us has another yearly installment of their long-running series, 9 Innings Baseball 18 [Free], out now. The game got an update from last year's version in the same app, so if you played last year and deleted, you might already have the app in your library. The game features a few interesting features in this year's updated. They're including a one-handed Arcade mode, albeit still in landscape, but that should make this easier to play while commuting or doing other things. Like, if you're at a baseball game, your team's down by 10 runs, and you have a drink in one hand, game in the other, waiting until you can actually leave. Check out the exclusive trailer for the game, starring Mike Trout:..

Welcome to the SwitchArcade Roundup for April 9th, where we're covering the latest news, and the Nicalis mega-sale! There is one new release today, but the real highlight of the day is the solid collection of Nicalis titles that are on sale right now. There's some cool ports and originals to blow your money on, and then there are more games that will cause you to spend your money! Frankly, this column is just one giant excuse to spend money on more games than you could possibly need in your life. We are here for each other's financial ruin...

Epic Games is officially making it rain with Fortnite [Free] on mobile. A new Sensor Tower report shows that the game's revenue is spiking as more players get in, with another spike happening on the day of the invite-only period ending. The starter pack IAP also helped cause a spike in revenue. While there was a dip in revenue, it helped kickstart Fortnite's revenue growth. ..

'Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms', the 'Dungeons and Dragons' Idle Clicker, Coming to iPad and Android Tablets

Codename Entertainment is bringing its absurdly-deep idle clicker Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms to iPad and Android tablets in the second quarter of this year. This officially-licensed Dungeons and Dragons clicker features a ton of Champions from Dungeons and Dragons, including characters from R.A. Salvatore's novels, as you explore the Sword Coast and the Forgotten Realms. Want to have an army with Drizzt Do'Urden? Now is your time to shine!..

Welcome to the latest SwitchArcade Roundup, covering the latest news, sales, and releases for Nintendo Switch! A slow Friday for releases with only two new titles, but a few interesting news pieces have surfaced. Also, with a ton of sales ending on April 5th, the "Games on Sale" section finally looks somewhat reasonable again, as opposed to the crowded mess that it was for a while there. Will Nintendo be more selective with the games that can go on sale and when in the future? We can only hope, because things were getting quite nutter there for a while. Anyway, the time for dawdling has ceased. Let us now get into the Switch goodness, shall we?..

It finally happened: Never Stop Sneakin' [$2.99] from the creator of Dust: An Elysian Tail [$5.99] hit mobile. The announcement was a surprise, but the game ever getting a release on mobile was an inevitability. This parody of Metal Gear Solid felt like a mobile game that just so happened to release on the Switch before mobile, probably because people would actually pay $14.99 for it as opposed to $2.99. For one, the game's control scheme was simple enough to use a single joystick, and touch controls were in the game. All sorts of actions are handled automatically, to where I'd say that the game was designed to be played with a single hand in portrait mode. Even the game being in widescreen felt like it was showing a lot of unnecessary information. The structure of the game felt based around playing it for a few minutes a day, as long sessions could become repetitive. As well, the progression system is all about completing objectives and spending currency, in a way that feels entirely like a mobile game. And amazingly enough, Never Stop Sneakin' on mobile feels just like a native mobile title! I was right!..

The long-running Habbo franchise gets its latest game, out now on mobile, called Hotel Hideaway [Free], and it's a social MMO where you get to interact with other hotel denizens on a giant, permanent vacation resort. You can do all sorts of stuff. You can spin the wheel for prizes, you can buy new outfits, get a new hair color, mine for new materials from interdimensional know, typical vacation stuff. There's also a whole gesture system where you can combine different body parts and movements to do different things, like shaking a giant foam fist at other people. The whole game's a lot about interaction and talking with people, so please don't be a jerk. This hotel is supposed to be classy, don't go telling people to die! But, as a social MMO, I guess that's what people are gonna do...

'Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery' Release Date and Cast Announced

Jam City's upcoming Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery game has a release date, and voice acting talent. The game will release on Wednesday, April 25th, and voice actors from the movies will appear in the game, including Dame Maggie Smith, who played Professor McGonagall in the movies. Michael Gambon, who played Professor Dumbledore in most of the Harry Potter movies, will reprise his role, along with:..

Welcome to the latest SwitchArcade Roundup, where we're covering some interesting tidbits of news on the Nintendo Switch, and running down all the new releases from the past couple of days! PAX East is going on right now, so expect some news on titles on the show floor to pop out, but actual news might be slow, as PR tries to survive four days in Boston. Still, the flow of new releases continues unabated, and there's some interesting stuff still happening around the world of the Switch. Let's dive in, shall we?..

Welcome to the latest edition of the SwitchArcade Roundup! We're covering a few new releases today, some news and upcoming Switch titles, and running down some more sales. I apologize in advance for all the terrible puns you're about to see in one sale post. Or do I? Regardless, there's a lot of puns. And a lot of sales, so I must respond in kind...