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'Crystal Siege HD' for iPad Review - Tower Defense Ain't Dead Yet

Certainly, tower defense is a genre where it's difficult to really rock the boat too much, especially since the genre's evolution was accelerated by the fact that it was a great fit for mobile, and everyone and their mother decided to apply their take on the genre. But hey, the games are still pretty fun, and there's still the occasional title with a clever twist on the proceedings. Crystal Siege [$4.99 (HD)] from Carrot Games and FDG Entertainment tries to apply an action-RPG take on tower defense, without drifting too much into the action-RPG side of things, like Dungeon Defenders [$2.99] does. As such, this winds up being a take on the genre that does some great things for itself while not rocking the boat too much...

Prepare to Die Frequently in We.R.Play's Upcoming 'Hex:99'

Pakistan-based developer We.R.Play has a pretty nifty challenging "finite runner" game coming out this Wednesday, November 26th, called Hex:99. The goal is to navigate a ball moving at high speed through a series of obstacles, dragging horizontally to move around everything that gets in the way. The game travels at high speed through futuristic environments, with the goal being to try and reach the 1999 distance in one piece. Check out the trailer below:..

Angry Mob Games Reveals Their Next Game, 'Toysburg'

Angry Mob Games is working on their first original title since Muffin Knight [$0.99 / Free], an ambitious-looking game called Toysburg will be going into beta testing soon. Players will play as a toymaker with a special power: turning kids into the toys they want to play with. This feels like the kind of concept that could power a horror movie, but hey – it's a bit more whimsical here. The game's got a mission-based structure, where they'll explore the town of Toysburg, finding kids to help and helping to create new toys for them. But there's also an inspiration from sandbox games, where it's possible to use different parts to help build the different toys. Here's a 3 minute long preview:..

'Crossy Road' Review - Watch Out for That Train!

What separates the great games from the good games? There's an intangible aspect of making a game feel fun to play that can be difficult to pin down when trying to describe it, and even more difficult for a developer to create. But when a developer nails it down, it's truly sublime. Crossy Road [Free] absolutely nails how a game should feel, which makes it endlessly replayable, and my current go-to pick-up-and-play game...

'Exiles: Far Colony' Trailer Released by Crescent Moon Games

Crescent Moon Games' next big self-developed title is Exiles: Far Colony, and it's expected to land later this year. The studio has been working on this game over the past year, an open-world action-RPG in the vein of something like Mass Effect meets Ravensword: Shadowlands [$6.99]. Players will be tasked with exploring an alien planet, discovering secrets witin the colony, and just doing general open-world shenanigans. Hop on an airbike and check out the landscape? Go for it. Want to see what's going on in some of the structures in the world? That's possible too. And there will be weird alien creatures to discover and defeat. Check out the new trailer for the game:..

First Trailer and Details Revealed for 'Need for Speed No Limits'

EA Mobile has just put out the first details and footage of the upcoming Need for Speed No Limits. We first heard about the game in conjunction with promotion for Ken Block's "Gymkhana Seven" which came out recently. Well, today we have the first concrete details on the game. The game is centered around street racing, with cops to avoid along the way. A trailer was released today, and it shows off a snippet of game footage – it could be lane-based like Asphalt Overdrive [Free], but that's unclear. Check the teaser below:..

Get ready to return to the night shift at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, as the indie horror sensation Five Nights at Freddy's [$2.99], which is still number one on the iPhone paid charts, has just had its sequel released to the App Store, Five Nights at Freddy's 2 [$2.99]. The sequel promises more of the same paranoia-driven gameplay, where hte goal is to monitor security cameras and to use the few protective tools at your disposal to survive the night and keep the walking animatronic characters out of your office, all without running out of power. There's a new flashlight, music box, and mask to use to deal with the new and upgraded animatronic characters...

Gobble Up These Pre-Thanksgiving Game Sales

November 19th, 2014 7:00 PM EST by Carter Dotson in News, Sales
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We're nearing Thanksgiving, and pretty much any significant US holiday means that it's time for paid apps to go on sale. And now, about a week ahead of the day where Americans eat turkey, watch football, and maybe give thanks for stuff, like turkey and football, apps are going on sale. We've posted about some of the more notable sales throughout the day, but here's a grand list of the games on sale:..

The Artsy 'Duet' and 'Blek' on Sale for $0.99 Each

November 19th, 2014 5:49 PM EST by Carter Dotson in News, Sales
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Want a couple of minimalist, artsy, and enjoyable games on the cheap? Well, here's a couple to check out: Blek [$0.99] and Duet [$0.99] are both on sale for $0.99 right now. Both are great games well worth playing. Duet is a challenging survival game from Kumobius that Pivvot [$2.99] fans might enjoy, as both are about spinning around a fixed point, but both games go in different directions from there. Duet has been frequently updated since release, adding in narration, and new level packs including the most recent "Epilogue" level pack...

Badland [$0.99] was one of 2013's best games, and it's currently dirt cheap: on sale for $0.99, down from its regular $3.99 price, with only one in-app purchase for $0.99, for the ten-level Doomsday Level Pack. Our opinion on paying for DLC was well established last week. The game goes on sale occasionally, but $0.99 is as good a price as any to pick up this gorgeous, critically-acclaimed platformer, which features both a singleplayer campaign along with same-device multiplayer for up to four people...

Lament that Real Racing 3 [Free] is free-to-play, and wish for a version that wasn't? Well, EA and the former Firemint's second entry in the racing series, Real Racing 2 [$0.99 / $0.99 (HD)] is currently on sale for $0.99. The game was an absolute classic back at its release in late 2010, and if you prefer your stylish racing games with an up-front cost instead of being free-to-play – as I hear some of y'all are – then here you go...

'Highrise Heroes' from Noodlecake and Fallen Tree Games Drops in December

Fallen Tree Games recently released the high score game Noon [Free] to the App Store, and Noodlecake recently published the life-ruining Bitcoin Billionaire [Free], but now the two studios are coming together to release Highrise Heroes, a story-driven word game with a solid creative pedigree behind it. Highrise Heroes has players trying to escape a crumbling skyscraper after an earthquake, doing so the only way they know how: by forming words from a grid of tiles. The game takes place across 90 levels, with a variety of characters both good and bad to try and help and hinder respectively to descend the tower and survive...

Telltale's 'The Wolf Among Us' Episode One is Free

November 19th, 2014 11:37 AM EST by Carter Dotson in News
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Been wanting to take a run at The Wolf Among Us [Free] from Telltale, but have been waiting for their customary first episode freebie to hit the App Store? Then I have good news for you, as you can get episode 1 free starting today. As is customary, you can play the first episode by downloading the app, and then pick up other episodes either by paying $4.99 for each of the episodes, or $14.99 for a season pass containing the rest of the series...

'Yak Dash' is the Game About Yak Racing You Didn't Know You Wanted

Mutant Labs, creators of Half-Inch Heist [Free], the challenging survival game, have announced their latest title, which promises more yaks than any of their previous releases: Yak Dash: Horns of Glory. This is a 2D racer in the vein of something like Hill Climb Racing, but with fewer cars, and more yaks. The whole game is inspired by Tibetan yak racing, which is an actual thing and is awesome. Check out the trailer for Yak Dash: ..

Rubicon's 'Epic Little War Game' Development Continues, Promising Big Things

Rubicon Development's latest entry in their Great Little War Game turn-based strategy series is still in development, and they recently posted an update on what is in the works for the title. The game has been renamed from Ultimate War Game to Best Little War Game and now to the allegedly final title Epic Little War Game. The AI for the game has been finished, though different options for each of the six factions needs to be added in. Here's a video of different AI factions fighting each other:..