Last week we posted about Oddmar, if it looks particularly awesome that's because it's from the same developers as Leo's Fortune, Dark Nebula, and loads of other ultra-high production value games. We got a look at it in action this GDC, and, well, the game plays just as awesome as it looks:

Oddmar is still in development and is launching soon. There's still a lot of moving pieces in play surrounding Oddmar's release, and we hope to have more solid details soon. This is a game that's very safe to get excited for.

  • GiHub

    I loved Leo's Fortune and this looks awesome too. Excited! Happy to hear they are sticking with premium. One small comment from the gameplay video, I do hope they add left and right arrows for movement which I prefer over slide.

  • lezrock

    Incredible. Color me excited

  • rhinofinger

    Looks beautiful!

  • nkarafo

    Yes, Premium for the win!!
    Day one purchase!