GDC 2018: ‘Defend the Cake’ is a Cool Spin on Tower Defense

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There was a time when the tower defense aisle of the App Store was so jammed packed that it was hard to get that interested in any new ones. Now that it’s 2018, the App Store has shifted significantly and all these old genres feel fresh again just because everyone else is making super derivative freemium junk. That’s definitely the case with Defend the Cake ($4.99), check out the gameplay video we shot at GDC:

I love the combo of both open field tower defense similar to Fieldrunners ($2.99) along with being able to place your main base (or cake, I guess). It adds a surprising layer of complexity, as you can definitely really make the game much more difficult for yourself by placing the cake in a bad spot. Defend the Cake is on the App Store right now, so if you think this even sounds remotely interesting be sure to check it out.

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